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Champions By Design

Uniting Canadians in Sport Through Design

We’re a creative agency who designs to inspire Canadians to engage with and share their passion for sports. Our team is comprised of athletes, volunteers, designers, and developers. We exclusively collaborate with Canadian PSOs and NSOs and have deep knowledge of the non-profit sport sector from local to national levels. 

Read more about our unique service offering or check out some of our projects below.


Brand Loyalty = Member Retention

Building psychological and emotional connections to foster enduring loyalty among members.


Capture New Audiences through Compelling Design

Leveraging aesthetic appeal and user-centric interfaces to captivate and expand your viewer base.


Leave More Than Your Mark

Creating a lasting impact by transcending traditional boundaries with your brand’s message.

How Vital Sports Helps Your Non-Profit Win

A Budget-Friendly Creative Team

Quality work is what we live for and we’ll never sacrifice it on any budget. We’ll help you build and execute a curated deliverable schedule that works with your budget and leverages your skillsets. Plus you’ll save time and headaches not having to manage a team or hire employees.

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Landing Page - Section 2 Workflow (Phone Version)

We Manage Projects With You

Increase your project turnaround times and stay organized. We integrate your organization into our project management software to keep all team members accountable and streamline our workflow.

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Landing Page - Multi-Platform Services

We’re Experts in Multi-Platform Design

Maintain brand consistency throughout the entire user journey. As full service media experts we are capable of delivering consistent messaging across all platforms that fit your sales and marketing strategies.

We Design with Purpose & Intent

Engage your audience and drive results. We focus on the goals of our PSO and NSO partners and produce compelling designs that deliver.

Workflows That Fit Your Team

Transparent and Flexible

We save your organization time and money through our unique modular workflow. Our collaborative approach utilizes your team’s capabilities while allowing you to delegate tasks based on your capacity.