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Brand Loyalty = Member Retention

Cultivating Loyalty in the Heart of Sports

Our approach is strategic and heartfelt, aimed at cultivating a sense of belonging and passion that transcends the ordinary. We’re not just about fleeting engagements; we’re dedicated to nurturing an enduring loyalty that grows stronger with every game, every cheer, and every triumph. Every brand interaction is an opportunity to build a lifelong fan.

Here we show how support The Alberta Equestrian Federation build stronger connections with their members by building a brand they trust and are proud to be a part of.

In this Case Study

Consistent multi-platform messaging 

Stick to the Plan: Crafting The Brand Guide

We were tasked by the AEF to refresh the look and feel of their branding to ensure it resonated with their core mission. After collecting feedback from their membership base, we were able to pinpoint key attributes to highlight within their overall look and feel.

We crafted their new brand guidelines which serves as their reference point for all of their messaging including but not limited to their website, printed ads, internal documents, email newsletters and social media content.

Case Study 1 - Full-width Emails mockup - AEF
Case Study 1 - Full-width Annual Report mockup - AEF
Case Study 1 - Full-width Website mockup - AEF
Case Study 1 - Section 4.1 - AEF
Case Study 1 - Full-width Phones mockup - AEF

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We stand behind our work and offer a try-now-pay-later guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with our designs, you won’t be billed.

We Manage Projects With You

Increase your project turnaround times and stay organized. We integrate your organization into our project management software to keep all team members accountable and streamline our workflow.

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We’re Experts in Multi-Platform Services

Maintain brand consistency throughout the entire user journey. As full service media experts we are capable of delivering consistent messaging across all platforms that fit your sales and marketing strategies.

Workflows That Fit Your Team

Transparent and Flexible

We save your organization time and money through our unique modular workflow. Our collaborative approach utilizes your team’s capabilities while allowing you to delegate tasks based on your capacity.