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Leave More Than Your Mark

Crafting a Legacy with Your Brand’s Messaging

“Leave More Than Your Mark” is not just a call to action; it’s an invitation to redefine the essence of your brand’s interaction with the world. This concept challenges you to go beyond the conventional limits of branding, encouraging you to embed your brand’s ethos deeply into the hearts and minds of your audience.

By infusing your brand’s identity with values that speak to universal truths and aspirations, you establish a legacy that transcends mere recognition. It’s about inspiring, engaging, and igniting a flame of connection that transforms passive observers into passionate advocates. In embracing this approach, your brand becomes a beacon of influence, leaving a mark that is not only visible but vibrantly alive.

In this Case Study

balancing function and expression

Hello👋 Please Meet Winner the Whistle

The ask for this project was to leave a memorable impact by bringing a unique concept to life: we humanized a whistle through 3D design. Winner is is the mascot for our software partner MyMembers, which serves PSOs and NSOs as a membership management database provider for Canadian Sports. 

This innovative approach not only infused personality into an inanimate object but also provided the company with a relatable and engaging symbol. Our creation helped the brand connect more deeply with its audience, demonstrating our ability to leave a lasting mark through creativity and design.

Connecting Coaches through Clarity

This national campaign was a challenge that we proudly took on and delivered. In 2023 the national body for the equestrian sport in Canada made the leap into NCCP territory. Although a respectful move, this would require all provinces to follow a new set of guidelines for coaching and attending sanctioned events. 

With an extremely tight turnaround, we were trusted with designing the “Coaching Connection” campaign. This multi-platform project allowed various PTSO brands quickly categorize messaging to keep their members informed with changes as this new program developed. In this project we created the branding, logo, social media templates, NCCP certification educational print materials, instruction manuals and even developed a LMS specifically for coaches.

Extra-Curricular: Engaging Youth in School Sports

Here we feature a project we developed for a private school. We were tasked with designing an e-commerce solution tailored for extra-curricular sports. This system was to be integrated into the schools existing CMS to streamline the process for students and parents to register for afterschool programs.

Alongside the e-commerce solution, we supported the school with design materials for their programs to enhance the school overall sports experience.

Throughout this process, we emphasized the crucial role of branding, ensuring that every element of the platform resonated with the school’s identity and values. This consistent branding approach not only reinforced the school’s image but also fostered a sense of unity and pride among families.

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